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london photos

h1 Monday, October 17th, 2005

Done a bit of touristy shit.

a big clockbig benbig wheela big wheel

and things you can see from iteye view 1 eye view 2

probably should go in the morning rather than the afternoon since the sun is behind all the good stuff otherwise

a guy who stands around a lot and marchs a bit. I wanted to find out how quickly he could run but David wouldn’t scale the fence to find out

regents park 1regents park 2
went on a picnic at regent’s park with aaron and some of his friends. didn’t take many pics

view from outside the lifts at work

h1 Saturday, October 15th, 2005

will get some more plane pictures at some point

view from lift

a day in berlin

h1 Monday, October 10th, 2005

Was only there for a day and was working for all of it so not much to see here.

views from mental images berlin view 1 berlin view 2

big foos ballthere was a big foos ball table too

weekend in cambridge

h1 Monday, October 3rd, 2005

spent my first weekend over here up in Cambridge with young Matthew who used to work for Luminova. Went on a Real Ale pub crawl around Cambridge all Saturday afternoon and evening then on Sunday wandered round near his place then went to Kings College.

the river cam river cam 1river cam 2


classic english laneway lane

fake whalethere’s a fake whale skeleton at Matthew’s old college

King’s Bollege Bambridge

kings college punting
the punters club, don’t think they have any good bands though

around the college

kings college 1 kings college 2kings college 4

kings college 3

i can’t imagine what this lawn is worth
and you can’t even walk on it

kings college lawn

some cool clouds

cool clouds

countryside and a village taken from the train home

countryside from train village