It’s just not cricket. Well, actually, it is.

h1 July 22nd, 2006

Some of the people Tim works with in Germany managed to get some cheap(ish £60) tickets to the fourth day of the 1st Pakistan vs England Test Match at Lords. Going to Lords being one of those things one must do while in London I fernangled myself one of the tickets.

Lords Cricket Ground

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h1 July 5th, 2006

Had Tim come over from Germany for the weekend at the start of June. Spent a lovely early summer sunday down at Greenwich around the Maritime Museum, Old Naval College, Park, Observatory and standing either side of the Prime Meridian going “I’m East!”, “You’re West!”. Hours of fun. And we got to catch the District Light Rail which is really just a glorified tram line, reminded me of home.

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h1 May 18th, 2006

The first Airbus A380 to come to the UK landed in Heathrow today. Where I work at the 10 storey Vista Centre in Hounslow is right under the flightpath so we went up on the roof to watch it come in and take a few photos. It was a typical cloudy and hazy day in London so they’re not necessarily as clear as you’d hope

For those who need to know these things it was 004 F-WWDD, landed on the 18th May 2006 at about 13:18 (depending on the accuracy of the clock in my camera).

Here it comes

a380_01.jpg a380_02.jpg a380_03.jpg

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Hyde Park Pics

h1 April 26th, 2006

Photos I took in Hyde Park with my new camera on the first day of good weather since I got here.
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