Hyde Park Pics

h1 April 26th, 2006

Photos I took in Hyde Park with my new camera on the first day of good weather since I got here.

img_0140.jpg img_0141.jpg img_0143.jpg

img_0144.jpg img_0151.jpg img_0153.jpg

img_0156.jpg img_0158.jpg img_0159.jpg

img_0160.jpg img_0163.jpg img_0166.jpg

img_0168.jpg img_0171.jpg img_0173.jpg

img_0176.jpg img_0179.jpg img_0181.jpg

img_0182.jpg IMG_0185.jpg img_0188.jpg

img_0195.jpg img_0198.jpg img_0199.jpg

img_0200.jpg img_0205.jpg img_0207.jpg

img_0209.jpg img_0213.jpg img_0217.jpg

img_0220.jpg img_0222.jpg img_0227.jpg

img_0228.jpg img_0229.jpg img_0232.jpg

img_0237.jpg img_0245.jpg img_0248.jpg

img_0252.jpg img_0254.jpg img_0255.jpg

img_0261.jpg img_0263.jpg img_0265.jpg


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