h1 May 18th, 2006

The first Airbus A380 to come to the UK landed in Heathrow today. Where I work at the 10 storey Vista Centre in Hounslow is right under the flightpath so we went up on the roof to watch it come in and take a few photos. It was a typical cloudy and hazy day in London so they’re not necessarily as clear as you’d hope

For those who need to know these things it was 004 F-WWDD, landed on the 18th May 2006 at about 13:18 (depending on the accuracy of the clock in my camera).

Here it comes

a380_01.jpg a380_02.jpg a380_03.jpg

With accompanying lear jet

a380_04.jpg a380_05.jpg

a380_06.jpg a380_07.jpg

Just flying by

a380_08.jpg a380_09.jpg

a380_10.jpg a380_11.jpg a380_12.jpg


a380_13.jpg a380_14.jpg a380_15.jpg

And landing

a380_16.jpg a380_17.jpg a380_18.jpg


I don’t usually mention this with photos but in this case these photos are copyright © to Brendan Hack and can’t be used without permission and can’t be linked to from other websites. If you want to use them get in touch.

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