Australia, Australia, Australia, God bless her

h1 March 29th, 2006

Well it’s almost the end of my little holiday back in Oz, well OK, not so little, I’ve been here 5 weeks now so I thought I’d put some pics up for y’all. After working for a week in Melbourne I went up to Canberra to see my friend Paul and get myself an ancestry visa. He’s got himself a small castle on the outskirts with a fantastic view from both the verandha and spa.


He’s also just 5 minutes from the Murrumbidgee River where there’s some great swimming holes for his kids.


After that I worked for another week then spent the last 2 weeks bludging around in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Daylesford and my parents house down in Paynesville in the Gippsland Lakes. Spent half an afternoon down at the Mornington Pier.


port phillip bay.jpg mornington yacht club.jpg

There’s a group of 7 sting/manta rays that live beneath the pier. They’re fed fresh fish twice a day by the locals so they don’t have to go looking for fish and get caught up in nets and lines. Looks like a lot of fun but I’m sure they wouldn’t let the general public feed them.

ray1.jpg ray2.jpg ray3.jpg

The last 4 days I’ve been at Paynesville staying with my parents at their holiday house. Well, technically it’s their full time house now but they split their time pretty much 50/50 between there and Mount Eliza. These are their views, garden, and how the place looks from the water.


paynesville.jpg pville garden1.jpg

pville garden2.jpg pville from water.jpg

Naturally there’s lots of birdlife around.

Black Swans
black swan1.jpg black swan2.jpg black swans feeding.jpg

Sulfur Crested Cockatoos
cockies feeding.jpg cockies scared.jpg destroying bark for fun and profit.jpg


There’s Rainbow Lorikeets too but they’re usually just flying over and you only hear them, not get to take photos.

Spent today out on my parents boat, the Balboa Star
balboa star.jpg

Luckily it’s in better condition than their neighbour’s one…

neighbours sunken boat.jpg

Heading across the lake to the Bunga Arm

now sit right back and youll hear a tale.jpg lake1.jpg
lake2.jpg bunga arm entrance.jpg

A cormorant drying out on the markers


The Bunga Arm

balboa star 2.jpgbunga arm.jpg balboa star moored.jpg

Danger Will Robinson!
Danger Will Robinson.jpg

Over the other side of the sanddunes is a surf beach, and in the fine tradition of creative Australian place naming it’s called The Ninety Mile Beach.

ninety mile beach.jpg jelly fish.jpg

After lunch we headed back out and went to Duck Arm and sat on the back of the boat drinking wine, eating cheese and trying to torture fish for the rest of the afternoon…

duck arm.jpg pelican.jpg

I’ve now just had one of the biggest t-bone steaks I’ve ever seen for dinner and am on my 3rd glass of wine. Must say I’m not looking forward to heading back to the UK in 3 days time…..

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  1. I don’t suppose that swimming hole is Palm Island by any chance? Another creative Ozzie name given that there isn’t actually an Island anywhere in sight… That’s a nice little boat you’ve got there Warf.